Book Club: Join the Reading Sprints for Rebel Seoul!


Update: See Announcement for Multiple #AsianLitChat Timezones.

We will be announcing more reading sprints across multiple timezones in the future, so drop by @LitCelebrAsian via #AsianLitChat on Twitter for updates!

Have you started Rebel Seoul by Axie Oh for the Book Club? Join us! We’re hosting our first Rebel Seoul – Reading Sprint tomorrow. 

timezone graphic.

Australia – Wednesday 25th October:

10 – 10:30AM AWST

12 – 12:30PM AEST

1 – 1.30PM AEDT

New Zealand – Wednesday 25th October:

3 – 3:30PM NZDT

USA – Tuesday 24th October:

7 – 7:30pm PDT

8 – 8:30pm MDT

9 – 9:30pm CDT

10 – 10:30pm EDT

Join all of us @LitCelebrAsian via #AsianLitChatIf you don’t have Twitter, feel free to participate in a reading sprint on Goodreads.

*Image Credit Lit CelebrAsian team members: thanks to Sophia for the designing the Rebel Seoul book club banner and thanks to Aentee for designing the Reading Sprint banner.

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