October 2017 Signal Boost: Asian & PoC Lit Projects!

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We’re happy to introduce – Signal Boost: Lit Projects – a spotlight to help boost crowd sourced literature projects, which feature Asian, PoC and other marginalised contributors!

For October’s spotlight, learn more about LONTAR, The Good Journal and Cut From The Same Cloth:

LONTAR is the world’s only biannual literary journal focusing on Southeast Asian speculative fiction. The journal was founded in 2012, in order to spread awareness of this literature to readers who might not normally be exposed to it, and to celebrate its existence and diversity within the region. Help LONTAR publish their latest issue here.

The Good Journal is a new quarterly literary journal showcasing the very best work of British writers and illustrators of colour. It follows on from the success of the bestselling, award-winning collection of essays, The Good Immigrant, presenting the most exciting new writers alongside more established names.

The journal will launch in Spring 2018 and feature essays, short stories, poems, extracts of novels and illustrations. Support their Kickstarter here.

Cut From The Same Cloth is a ground-breaking collection of essays written by British hijabis. Perceived as the visual representation of Islam, hijab-wearing Muslim women are often harangued at work, at home and in public life yet are rarely afforded a platform of their own.

The collection will feature essays from 15 middle and working class women of all ages and races who will look beyond the tired tropes exhausted by the media and offer honest insight into the issues that really affect our lives. Support their project here.

Spotlight compiled by Lit CelebrAsian team membersSinead and Glaiza

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