Introducing Literary CelebrAsian (a.k.a Lit CelebrAsian!)

Welcome to Lit CelebrAsian with a symbolic white lotus.Welcome to Literary CelebrAsian (a.k.a Lit CelebrAsian) formerly known as Lit InvAsian. We are a group of bookworms and diverse book bloggers aiming to uplift Asian voices in literature. Due to the support and appreciation that followed both #AsianLitChat and #AsianLitBingo, we wanted to create a space to share more books and discussion related to literature by Asian authors. And thus, Lit CelebrAsian was born!

We want to highlight Asian voices through features and annual events that are open to all readers. Beyond Asian representation, on social media, we aim to boost the many different marginalized voices, platforms and communities with similar goals towards equality in publishing.

Our Events

The Lit CelebrAsian Book Club

The Lit CelebrAsian Book Club is open to everybody. We host a book club poll on Twitter, so that readers can choose a book to read for the book club. Want to know more about which three books we’re voting on for our first read? Check out our blog post that has the details on all three books. Vote for a book on our current book club poll here. The poll will close after 5 days. The chosen book alongside the book club chat date will be announced here and across all social media.

Asian Lit Chat

Asian Lit Chat will return as the book club chat on Twitter. Readers can participate in the book club chat at the end of the reading month by following the #AsianLitChat hashtag. If you miss the Twitter chat, you can drop by our Goodreads group discussion forums. We also plan to host Twitter chats about representation-related topics through #AsianLitChat later on, so stay tuned for updates. You can find our previous #AsianLitChat recaps here.

Asian Lit Bingo

Asian Lit Bingo will return next year as a fun annual reading challenge (created by Shenwei). It will feature special events in addition to a reading game-board challenge to support Asian voices. During this year’s Asian Lit Bingo, we also did an interview series with several amazing authors.

When we host Asian Lit Bingo during May heritage celebrations next year, we promise to pay equal focus to boosting Pasifika voices and spaces during this period too. Pasifika voices are continually erased during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, so we encourage all readers to support #Pasifika voices via Our Stories – Tala mai le Moana compiled by Lani Wendt Young, the Pasifika Book ClubPacific Islander AuthorsPasifika Tales and the Pasifika Spotlight hosted by Alec Te Pohe.

Behind The Name

We are excited to announce our new name: Literary CelebrAsian (a.k.a Lit CelebrAsian) formerly known as Lit InvAsian. Upon reflection, our team wanted a new name to clearly reflect our goals towards equality, celebration and inclusion. We’re still fond of puns.

Our former ‘Lit InvAsian’ name was a playful way to address false Yellow Peril Invasion perceptions in the Western context. Though we recently reflected upon our former name in relation to concerns around potential inter-Asian imperialistic connotations in the wider Asian historical context and decided that a new name, which celebrates Asian voices was needed to clearly convey our goals towards equality. We hope that you’ll join us in uplifting Asian voices in literature.

Lit CelebrAsian Logo

Many thanks to our collaborative design team – Kai, Aila and Aentee – for designing our lotus book logo!

*Introduction composed by Lit CelebrAsian team members: Sinead and Glaiza

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